there’s nothing more serene
than the sun in the windows
the quiet light
that illuminates everything
and says nothing

for once
day is

Inspiration at 12:49am
wakes you up more than any cold shower
runs faster through your bloodstream than any drug
and especially if unwarranted
empowers you
more than any dream come true

Poem assignment in my literature class alluding to Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried. The most satisfying thing I’ve written in a while.

Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’Toole filming How to Steal a Million in Paris, France, 1965. 

I have a really, really odd obsession with this film.

mis amigas at Seal Beach, CA

disposable camera, spring 2014


Ward Roberts - Billions (Hong Kong Reflections)

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Pinnacles National Park, California

drawings: Sharpie, 20 min each, spring 2014

snapshots from a school trip down to SLO

disposable camera, spring 2014


Treat her better, boy
If having her at your side’s something you enjoy
If having her in your life’s really so important to you now

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from a recent school trip to Hearst Castle/San Luis Obispo

drawings: Sharpie, 20 min each, spring 2014
photos: disposable camera, spring 2014

California coast near Big Sur

I recently bought myself my own sketchbook and I’ve been trying my hand at a different style of drawing.

photo: Minolta X-GM, summer 2013
drawing: Sharpie, 25ish min, spring 2014


Mac DeMarco - Goodbye Weekend

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I rescanned some old Disneyland negatives. 

Shaky hands, blurry photos, but just as vivid memories.

Diana Mini, Kodak Ultramax 400, spring 2013

Diana Mini, Kodak Ultramax 400, summer 2013
I’m currently experimenting with GIF making as a different way to display my photos. I like them a lot. And they’re fun.
more cute gifs here

because I’m not in any position right now to be taking pictures on a regular basis I’ve resorted to digging through my archives for old photos I’d forgotten about to mess with and store in my drafts

y’all will see