View from our hotel room window. In Squaw Valley. If you look closely you can see the little tram that takes visitors up 2000 feet in elevation to High Camp, a recreation center on the top of High Camp Mountain.
Minolta XG-M, Kodak Gold expired 200, spring 2014

Painted Desert: Here nature wielded a reckless brush painting the mountains of sand to glorious hues. On highway 66, near Holbrook, Arizona. Kodachrome by Max Kegley.”

vintage postcard above
my drawing below

There is always something special about every single day of life—be it a conversation you had with a friend, a place you visited, a piece of work you completed, the new TV show you started instead of completing your work, the color of the sky, the meal you had for dinner.

There is something special about today.
Find it today—find it everyday—and you will be a happier person.

snow-capped peaks at Squaw Valley, CA

photos: Minolta XG-M, Kodak Gold 200 expired, spring 2014
drawings: Sharpie, 25 min each, spring 2014

San Francisco as seen from Coit Tower

drawings: Sharpie, 25 min each, spring 2014


Dreamin (Acoustic) // Mac Demarco

snowfall and sunbath
the transition in between
Lake Tahoe in spring
Minolta XG-M, Kodak Gold 200 expired, spring 2014

the places where our minds rest
are just as transient as our
a living room, a highway, a beach
where our bodies rest
our eyes feast
and our minds reconsider

the moment I wake up
before I put on my makeup
I write a little poem for you

here it is

From my most recent trip to Squaw Valley, California.

You’d never know so many shades of green existed unless you’ve been here. With the most distinct palate of moss green, tree bark brown, sand, and ice white, among other colors, Squaw Valley and the entire greater Lake Tahoe region encompass the kind of jaw-dropping beauty that keeps your eyes glued to the window throughout the car ride. Twenty-four photos on one roll of film hardly do the scenery justice. I tried my best.

Minolta XG-M, Kodak Gold 200 expired, spring 2014

there’s nothing more serene
than the sun in the windows
the quiet light
that illuminates everything
and says nothing

for once
day is

Inspiration at 12:49am
wakes you up more than any cold shower
runs faster through your bloodstream than any drug
and especially if unwarranted
empowers you
more than any dream come true

Poem assignment in my literature class alluding to Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried. The most satisfying thing I’ve written in a while.

Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’Toole filming How to Steal a Million in Paris, France, 1965. 

I have a really, really odd obsession with this film.